Airtel TalkMore – Get N500 For N100, N1000 For N200, N2500 For N500, N5000 For N1000 And N15000 For N3000

Airtel TalkMore – Get N500 For N100, N1000 For N200, N2500 For N500, N5000 For N1000 And N15000 For N3000

Airtel Nigeria is here again with another exciting offer that will interest customers who love making calls. If you do more voice calls, then this offer is for you.

Airtel TalkMore is a great value for money, as you get to talk more while you pay less. This offer will give you 5 times bonus to call any network in Nigeria for a pretty good amount.

Airtel TalkMore – Get N500 For N100, N1000 For N200, N2500 For N500, N5000 For N1000 And N15000 For N3000

According to Airtel,

Now this is the kind of bonus you’ve been asking for. Get 5X bonus to call ALL networks On Airtel TalkMore. Recharge and dial *234# to enjoy!

The talkmore bonus can be used for phone calls, SMS, and PayG data. Surprisingly, you don’t have to leave the current tariff you are on before you can benefit from the Airtel talkmore package. All you need to do is dial a code or send an SMS and then, you key in to talking more for less.

However, unlike many other bonus packages offered by Airtel, the talkmore bonus package is not given automatically when you recharge; you have to make a special request for it whenever you need an airtime boost on your account.

Each bonus request also has its own specific percentage and expiry date; depending on how much you are using in exchange for the talkmore bonus.

The basic code to dial in order to access the Airtel Talkmore Package consists of these three numbers, 234. You either dial using this number or send an SMS to the number.

What Is Airtel TalkMore Bundle?

TalkMore Bundles are great value bundles that give 500% the value of airtime to make calls and send SMS to ALL NETWORKS in Nigeria WITHOUT RESTRICTION.

Talkmore Bundles can also be used to make international calls to USA, Canada, UK landlines, China and India as well as browse the internet, TalkMore Bundles are open to all Airtel customers (Prepaid and Postpaid) and comes in different price points that fits every size of pocket.

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How To Get Airtel TalkMore 5X Bonus

You can purchase Talkmore Bundles by dialing *234# to select your preferred Talkmore denomination. You can also purchase Talkmore Bundles by dialing the direct code (e.g *234*100# for Talkmore_N100) or send keyword to shortcode 234 (e.g TM100 to 234 for Talkmore_N100).

Talkmore Bundles are also available as DIRECT RECHARGE via normal recharge voucher by using special recharge code *126*1*RECHARGE PIN#. This works only for the recharge vouchers values N100, N200, N300, N500 or N1000. below are the full direct and shorts codes for Airtel TalkMore 5X Bonus.

Bundle PriceValue RecievedDirect Purchase CodeSMS Short CodeValidity
Bundle PriceValue RecievedDirect Purchase CodeSMS Short CodeValidity
N60N300*234*60#Send TM60 to 2343 Days
N100N500*234*100#Send TM100 to 23430 Days
N150N750*234*150#Send TM150 to 23430 Days
N200N1OOO*234*200#Send TM200 to 23430 Days
N250N1250*234*250#Send TM250 to 23430 Days
N300N1500*234*300#Send TM300 to 23430 Days
N500N2500*234*500#Send TM500 to 23430 Days
N700N3500*234*700#Send TM700 to 23430 Days
N1000N5000*234*1000#Send TM1000 to 23430 Days
N3000N15000*234*3000#Send TM3000 to 23430 Days

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How do I check my TalkMore Bundle balance?

You can check your TalkMore Bundle balance by dialing *123*5#

That’s it. This is really a great deal if you are into every day calls. What do you think?

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