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David Bazala

My name is David and I Bazala founder AmaPro. The company was founded in 1993, when I was 17 years old. I studied at the Central School of Electrical Engineering, majoring in communication and transmission equipment. At the time I was deciding whether to continue further studies in technical or college to become independent and to live according to their own ideas. As a result, it became clear that the financial situation allows only one solution. I joined in our city as a technician former state telephone exchange SPT Telecom.

I worked as a technician on the PABX P51p that I was a representative of generation telephone exchanges. This means from the time shortly after the Second World War. While other peers honed their skills on the then 286-s, I cleaned the relays and flipping through the rotten documentation in German. Given that there was slow to prepare Czech digitized telephone network, we also got a personal computer. However, I devoted most of their money buying your own PC. Connection principles of telephone exchanges'm very fascinated and I started to analyze them. The beginnings were difficult. The panel was impatiens and gave me a very clear "how she does it." After about a year I struggled with her and assured her that "it will do as I want." The result was a bit of illegal involvement custom module that allow phone calls from anywhere to anywhere and do it for free. The whole principle I have with a certain loyalty to the employer published until after final cancellation technology exchanges.

Large amount of time that I used the long night, holidays and Sundays I spent studying gradual telephone and information systems. So I substituted my high school, I always confronted in practice. His technical experience in electronics I have published in professional journals such as the Amateur Radio or media technology. However, the old telephone exchange off the phone and Telekom to significant personnel changes. Old jobs are abolished, and arose again new. I was lucky and I was assigned to the position of technical and administrative staff. My job was to organize the technological transition old analog telephone network to the new digital.

In this position I became acquainted with database systems and information distribution and management through data networks. It was not right for a public data network Internet as we know it today, but the internal computer network called Intranet. Generally it can be said that the entire work has shifted to the traditional PC. So I started slowly but surely penetrate into the world of computers. The year was 1998 and it was indeed no time when the whole world was based on technical management processor. I was lucky and I have attended several seminars that were then held SPT Telekom for its employees. Unfortunately at that time was not much room for individual study. Digitization was very intense. Still, I managed to document their knowledge of digital technology, which I later worked in interactive software applications.

Intensive digitization and modernization of the telephone network in the Czech Republic went on and on. General principles of automation also phased out many jobs and reduce the recurrence of staff. Those who did not have some of those known in the management of individual telephone circuits had to go with the wheels out. Even though I had little support among co-workers, keeping myself. I, unlike many workers at least a "high school diploma". I was transferred to the newly created department. It is called a special service. The year was 2000 and the department was tasked to set up and serviced ISDN and other digital elements of the telephone network. I went through many training and I think it was my cup of tea. Technology is starting to merge. Telephony and computers began to share a common platform. They were talking about the so-called convergence.

As it is in life, nothing lasts forever. In 2001 I was approached by my colleagues, if I did not leave voluntarily when another wave of layoffs. They say I'm the youngest, unmarried and have the greatest chance to find another job. I was quite disappointed, but I understood that this is expected of me. Fortunately, the new Czech Telecom to its redundant employees generous severance pay and was acceptable to me that this company spent 8 years. Within a few days, I packed data zipku and left the premises PBXs expelled as a dog. I was quite sorry. But over time I realized that Czech Telecom, O2 is now passé, technikův grave in an oddly defined structure pigeonholes managerial jobs.

At the time I was unemployed and wondering what to do next. I used the six-month period of support and devoted to his interests in the field of digital technology. I started toying with programming, which I gave earlier. With my friend I started to program information booths for urban information systems, and slowly I began to understand the field of web applications. The work was interesting and creative. All that mattered to us and our embedded time. It was the first time in my life when I tried to research and development. Unlike previous years, when I tried rather for documents and publications. However, my desire for telecommunications was stronger and I became sad after telephone.

Once you read professional journals, I came across an ad that sought to employee development. Prague was a development company in the field of special software and hardware for telecommunications. I wrote my CV and I sent him an email address. While looking for a college student with years of experience, but I still tried. After a few minutes, sent an email my cell phone rang and it was clear. A boy from the village goes to Prague for an interview. Although I did not want to leave their hometown, I prepared for the interview. I packed my sketches and other crumpled papers and went by train to the capital. Of all of my important developmental sketches and documents I particularly missed map of Prague. I'm fairly complicated orientation in a larger city.

In Prague, I was accepted ProTel Director of Engineering and my interview started. To my unexpectedly ran more than positive and put me in a difficult life questions "what?". Content of the work that I performed it was exactly what I wanted in my dreams. But what about housing, what my hometown and friends? Again came a strong desire for telecommunications and even to the development? It was decided. I signed a contract and I became "while" the assistant development, but the idea that I will participate in the development of the fifth generation logger, was fascinating. And so it happened. I became a software programmer, a man who could determine the important principles of modern telephony over the Internet.

In my new job I have had to deal with many for me to stray principles, such as the programming language. Fortunately, the company was willing to invest my money and I attended several professional training program, which I successfully completed and closed certificate. So I learned the programming language C/C++. It was one of the important steps to my active contribution to the fifth-generation PBX systems. Own essence telephone systems I knew from previous experience, but I missed the constructive approach. Or if know what I know, program. Since 2003, I have actively participated in the development of operational exchange PhoNet telephone service, which is the end product of several professional teams purely Czech development company. Its commercial use in our and Slovak Republics gave me courage, and I gave the book publication " VoIP telephony I." the leading publisher of scientific literature in our country (BEN literature).

Complexity and complexity of new technologies, I began to complicate the fact that most of the technical documentation was in English. I knew that to keep up means to have an overview of what is happening in the field. I know myself that if I did not write their several articles, but the benefits would be anything found in the native language. Waiting for something new translation from the development of professional translators is always a matter of a few years. It is naturally in the evolution always be five steps behind. Though I am a technician, but my linguistic dispositions were never strong. But despite the ability of reasoning is entirely sufficient for orientation in English written document. But what if I have documents in pdf, whose average size is about 1 megabyte of text? It probably is not worth the print, I do not know exactly which part I'm interested in and what is a bit beyond my needs. A search for words in the dictionary? I would look at the CTRL+C and CTRL+V, it's just inefficient.

It was therefore necessary to invent something, what would I assist in locating foreign professional documents. Should not it be a classic type of dictionary Enter a word search .... Something that would have been for automatic translation of words in the text. Something that would be přiohnout according to their needs and can understand the various abbreviations that are repeated in the text. Knowledge of programming custom applications I began to write a program for managing vocabulary and technical terms, which later grew into the resulting application 3v1 (three in one). It contains English words and phrases, for a simple translation of long English texts. The system is tied to the encyclopedic dictionary, which is able to develop the concept in question. After application of practical experience in the field of telecommunications, I created a universal database of words and encyclopaedic concepts.

The result is an application 3v1 (three in one), which should be a source of information for specialists in various fields of activity. They should be able to adequately translate texts from English and German into Czech and find an explanation of terms for quick reference in the field. The result should be the primary text analysis, which offers lesser known translations of foreign words in parentheses after the original text and display content encyclopedic entries to the end of the analyzed text. The resulting primary text analysis, and can print at home or cottage letting it go through his head. Each word or abbreviation you do not have extra dohledávat on the internet or dictionary. Should you get by listing offered. System respects the area concept and does not bother you offer shortcuts importance according to the principles of search engines like Google. Or if you will not be offered, that is an abbreviation Golf Club in California, xxx PHILIPS component or product identification code ObchodShop.com. The system fully respects the shaping of the Czech language.

At present, I focus on the specification of data content applications 3v1 (three in one). I develop an application and I'm trying to establish their contacts to knowledgeable experts in various fields of scientific disciplines. The aim is to provide the most effective information for the analysis of scientific texts on subjects such as medicine, law or construction. My goal, respectively AmaPro aim is to create an information base for research and development in the Czech language. I am convinced that the potential of the Czech research and development is strong and satisfaction will be one that other languages ??will yearn for efficient access to academic polemics written in Czech in the development and research.

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