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Nový projekt AmaPro (Machine translation)
AmaPro - history of development

AmaPro Company was established in 1993 and was the former residence of a telephone switchboard in the Moravian Třebová. The basic task of the system AmaPro teaching electronics and Telecommunication Engineering. In principle, this was a study of available sources of information that has been in the local technical library enough. A key feature of the teaching of electronics has its practical testing in practice. Technical background on the telephone switchboard was also very good. Wide time of night and the holidays offer a very detailed study of the various electronic circuits and their behavior in the simulation of various extreme conditions. It was an analogy of laboratory work in secondary schools. The difference was, however, the approach to the overall treatment results. It was more fun and the pace and the tasks of the man identified himself. Naturally, all the experiments document and give you a basis for the later emergence of an interactive application called Theory & Practice.

The basis of teaching became separate functional blocks, which were documented and recorded according to a key system. Eg.: Impedance converter, an amplifier or filter. Settings were input and output parameters commonly described features of each block. This, moreover, was nothing special, because such training was a lot of books. The creation of functional blocks has been preparing for the development of new equipment. They then consisted in large electronic circuits very effectively. Using the methods of the CSM (progressive folding method). Amapro zadefinovalo and the method of CAM, which is progressive folding method. It was intended for the gradual degradation of equipment to smaller functional blocks. Both methods are very suitable for teaching and for the development.

With the emergence of digital technologies on a telephone switchboard to fundamentally change the look AmaPro. Naturally, the emphasis was on a thorough knowledge of fundamental physical properties of elements. But at the time of the techniques of modern technology on the circuit with several transistors could not equal the world's advanced technology companies. The arrival of computer technology has caused a revolution in data processing. For example, searching in the directories on your computer versus paper-based documentation browsing. Then SPT Telecom was quite flexible and their offices equipped with a decent IT background. He was available scanner, printer and a modem to connect it to the bulletin board at the time (sort of ARPA). Telephone line available to all for free. This would not AmaPro if it did not the maximum possible extent.

Thanks modemovému connection to the storage servers and abroad be able to download the software, which could otherwise only dream of. It was the various utilities and programs, then under Windows 3.11. At that time, with or somehow failed to licensing issues. Programmers are usually happy that their software was given to the world. Everyone who once started with programming computers to osmibitových certainly give me the truth, that the application under Windows with 256 colors are charming. SPT Telecom and the technology to further modernize and create a private network Intranet. Technologically, this was the internet as we know it today. Access is only for employees and joined the computer company in the Czech Republic.

Internal computer network Intranet worked on the classic TCP / IP. It was enough, therefore, to find existing literature and to start experimenting with. The advantage was that many managers had not šajnu the world of networks. Basically anything not and there was no problem. In oddělní IT firms were mostly young and friendly guys and they have helped in various experiments and experiments. We create your own websites, forums, and someone somewhere in the network made available and distributed packet radio. Later, the tightened rules a bit. However, in AmaPro draw enough practical experience with creating web pages to the HTTP protocol. Gradually, our paperwork transferred into electronic form and move to the developed world-wide network of the Internet. That was in 1999 and AmaPro was one of the first in the Czech Republic, which operated websites in the national language. Daily attendance was at that time a total of satisfactory and we of course have fun.

Unfortunately, the result of excessive modernization of the company is constantly engaged in the reorganization, and I often had to change room and sometimes the building. However, thanks to network technologies AmaPro lived and developed further. Now more from the perspective of the software than using solder and screwdriver. I was transferred to a special group department obstarávající and ISDN connections to the Internet customer. Here I conveniently used their knowledge and even I have more deeper. This resulted in several publications in professional journals, where I published their experience of real practice. AmaPro began to specialize in digital technology and management through the processor. Later, these experiences have given rise to the emergence of software simulating the action processor. It was a virtual processor, which is very suitable for teaching assemblerových instructions.

Quite unexpectedly, almost from day to day, I was asked about the termination of employment agreement. All my colleagues were on. "And I have a best chance to find a new place ...". Well just another wave of redundancies. There were a lot and now I know that it was only a matter of time. I was quite sorry. I am packing the data from the PC, I withdrew all possible data and go. I have a database of phone numbers in our district and so I wrote a training application to search for numbers, a database of companies and other application functions, which later gave rise to urban information pages. It was the kind of regional inforočenku in electronic form. Experience and application development process, I documented again and created a kind of universal instructions for processing data.

About a half years I have received support for the unemployed as unemployment and wondering what next. Time I used for the study of programming principles and still I could not decide for a particular programming language. It was like when you have to decide which foreign language to learn. English, German and Italian. Maybe the general Tapani with a choice of taught me to think twice the effective programming. But the fate of me solve my decision. In 2001 I joined as a development worker to stray Czech telecommunications company. Here is a brilliant work vysokoškoláci controlled programming language C/C++. What is object-oriented language based on the knowledge of the language C. I neovládal or foundations language C.

It is, therefore, fight with time and I had 3 months to me to learn the C language and, consequently, C++. I used their knowledge of methods of CAM and CSM, and I got heavily into the study. Everything I have tried to program and verify point-by-point, as I saw it appropriate from the general assumptions about programming. Naturally, as always, I am all carefully documented. Later I was promoted to his documentation of an interactive educational application for other suitable candidates for programming. Time ran to it and somehow it was. Fundamentals are good and I could go to the second phase: object programming. Managed to successfully finish my studies certificate from Borland, which highly appreciates. While knowledge of object programming is more about its practical use and experience. But you continue to receive, because it's my daily bread.

Probably less than a year after I was already sufficiently strong programmatically and I can actively participate in the development of the company's product. It was the fifth generation of telephone exchanges, which works on the principle of packet communication. Then on VoIP, or if Internet telephony. My task was to phone programming interface for the other world-used telephone systems. Simply put: that the new telephone exchange in the old protelefonovala exchanges. I used their knowledge of telecommunications and time I implemented and tested their programs in laboratory conditions. Later, I was assisted in their integration into the public telephone networks. After several years of real service in the Czech and Slovak Republics, I weighed and issued with a prestigious publisher of scientific literature in the Czech Republic the "Internet telephony VoIP I.. Again, with a systematic interpretation of development and programming for those interested in the convergence of computer and telecommunicatio

As it is for developers, I have and I tend to create a product that was just my own product. Application that I programmed from beginning to end, wrote the interactive help, created a company logo and information page. Just a product of some large firms such as Microsoft. Personally, I wrote a large number of applications, and various auxiliary utilities that can be found, for example, on slunecnice.cz. My probably the largest single product is 3v1 applications that are dedicated to this site. It is a product that is helping me to concentrate expertise in foreign texts. Therefore I raised him from the auxiliary udělátka to a full application. I have created for it and the domain of second order, he wrote detailed documentation and had to undergo beta user testing. I created an installation package and I tried to create intuitive graphical interface. By version, I tried to shade the different complexity according to the type of end-users. I tried to evaluate all their knowledge and experience.

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