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Internetové stránky určené pro studenty středních a vysokých odborných škol.

amapro.cz/odkazy Projekt eliminuje vyhledávání klíčových slov na komerčních stránkách a v e-schopech.

Sip Telefon AmaPro Beta verze
The main application window
Setting up
Deleting the call history and data
Information about the application
Editor dial
Player of telephone calls
Information about the telephone call
SIP signals Listing
Editor RTP voice connection
RTP analyzer
Entering a new contact
Phone Book Editor
Editor SIP accounts
Editor tariffs of operators
Editor filter numbers
View dialed numbers in history
Setting sounds
A recording of an audio recording
Automatic dialing
Setting the answering call
Editor logger
View SIP signaling
Diagnostic information
Microphone Settings
Adjusting the volume
Missed call
Answering calls
Voice Settings application
Registration applications SIP Phone
SIP Phone Applications AmaPro client is a software designed for Internet telephony. The application is based only on the SIP and allows connection to most VoIP operators using the public telephone number. The client can register multiple SIP accounts, which can be easily and quickly switch between them. Integrated phonebook is common to all SIP accounts. According to an advantageous tariff can make cheaper phone call. The application uses files and tariff schemes, which allow to calculate the price and during a call. My phone call can be recorded and played back later.
The application is also suitable as a test client for testing and debugging settings SIP PBXs. Displays and analyzes SIP signals and information, including simple descriptions. For each SIP calls can be stored signals, which can later be analyzed or your email address to send a technical support operator. Another tool is the RTP voice data analyzer. Data can be displayed graphically. The tool also contains a simple call quality analyzer, a data connection and connection statistics response SIP PBX. For regular users are available the basic telephone services such as answering or missed calls records. Sounds into the recorder simply allure through a microphone. With a simple click you can activate the sounds such as illness, business meeting or absence. The application allows for example, and cyclical dial phone and off until the rings. You can also configure the PC Speaker to indicate different states. You can download the toolbar so it works in the background. Telephone directory includes resources for records searches and 12 buttons for quick dialing. The list can be assigned to so-called blacklist. He refuses to automatically pre-programmed phone numbers in the incoming call. The application is in three languages??, while foreign-language texts are translated by machine.
The application is not officially respected by Microsoft. AmaPro Applications are considered unknown. Some systems can warn of unauthorized software. The application is in order and modify the Windows registry.

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